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Mission loudspeakers is a relatively young speaker brand compared to some of its UK counterparts. Since introduced in the early 70's, Mission has made its mark as a top performer and excellent value-for-money brand that has scooped various Product of the Year Awards not only in the UK, but also in Europe.

The current entry level range is the MV- series. This series is very affordable but still offers good sound quality and well finished products. This is a dedicated speaker range offering two Floor Tower models, a dedicated AV Center speaker, two bookshelf/stand mount models and an AV Surround speaker. The range is finished in either black ash or rosewood finish. A matching subwoofer the MS-8 is also available.

The previous m3i series has been replaced by the excellent MX-series. Completely new with new drive units, ultra modern cabinet design the MX-series has already proved that it is a worthy follow up on the previous series that it has replaced. Peter J Comeau, who was responsible for the acoustic design of some of Mission’s best loudspeakers in the late 90s to 2003, is also responsible for this new range. Hence that the MX-1 has already won What Hi-Fi? prestigious award as “Best Budget Speaker” in 2010. This range also offers extremely good value for money.

Next in the range is the e5 Esprit - series, an addition to the flagship e8 Elegante range. This series is completely new, although there are many similarities with the earlier award winning e8. Recently introduced is the e55 model.

Another product, that has seen success as a What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision Group Test winner, the M-Cube system, is available. M-Cube has received numerous awards for styling and performance.

Just introduced is the new MiSphere Range utilising a newly developed 'all-range' single drive unit. The MiSphere System can generate maximum sound of 109dB.

Many audiophiles will fondly remember the 78 Series. The modern day replacement is the latest 79 Series. Mission loudspeakers offer astonishingly styled works of art coupled to musical performance that will astound!



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