Samsung is one of the largest super-multinational companies in the world. It’s possibly best known for it’s subsidiary, Samsung Electronics, the largest electronics company in the world.

Watching the latest Hollywood 3D movie release is no longer something you need to go to the theatre for. Built with the most advanced 3D imaging technology the Samsung LED Series 7 and Plasma Series 7 TVs deliver a premium 3D experience right into your living room. To enjoy a 3D experience on you couch, all it takes is a simple push of a button on your remote. What's more, you can even convert 2D movies into 3D experience with the built-in, real-time 3D converter. Samsung is your source for a total 3D entertainment solution, which includes a 3D-enabled TV, 3D Blu-ray disc player, 3D active glasses and even 3D contents like movies and animations.

  • LED TV Samsung LED TV’s deliver breakthrough picture quality, ultra slim 29.5mm design and use 40% less power*. With mega contrast ratios and advanced internet connectivity features, these are Samsung’s best TV’s ever.

  • LCD TV The combination of premium performance and aesthetic elegance makes for a truly stunning TV that sets new standards.

  • Plasma TV Boasting a slim and sophisticated design, our Plasma TVs create an amazing picture with smooth action scenes, the deepest blacks and brightest whites.

  • Flat screen TV Conventional TVs that suits your budget but never compromises on quality and technology.



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