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NAD Electronics, acronym for New Acoustic Dimension, was founded in 1972. NAD Electronics International is now a fully-owned subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group of companies based in Toronto, Canada. The original NAD core values still exist today, the most important being to ensure the highest possible audio and video performance at the given price. Unnecessary features, referred to as the 'bells and whistles', that have no relevance to the goal of ultimate performance, are left out.

During the late 70's NAD Electronics took the world by storm with the introduction of the original NAD 3020 integrated amplifier. These days an original Series 20 3020 is a collectors piece - if you can find one, despite the thousands sold.

The NAD product range has evolved into the Classic Series, the high-end Masters Series, and the lifestyle-orientated Solutions Series. This is the strongest and best product range that we have seen from NAD Electronics in our 32 years involvement with the brand!Within the Classic Series, NAD has a strong line-up of two channel stereo products which remain true to the core values that have made NAD products famous over the years, such as Phonographic Pre-Amplifiers, Turntables (remember those?), integrated amplifiers, CD Players, FM/AM and DAB Tuners, Compact CD/FM/AM Music System, Stereo Pre-amplifiers, Stereo Power Amplifiers, Stereo FM/AM Receiver and multi-channel Custom Installation Power Amplifiers.The Home Theatre product line-up embraces the latest in digital, video and audio technology, keeping NAD Electronics at the forefront of these ever-changing technologies.Apart from five very powerful true-to-NAD electronics 'watts' AV Receivers, DVD Players, IPod Docking station, two programmable learning remote controls, an AV Pre-Processor and two multi-channel AV power NAD amplifiers; NAD has introduced the two Blue Ray Disc Players featuring the latest in technology that BDP offers.

The Masters Series is a huge success - not only in the numbers sold, but also in the way that it has brought true HIGH END performance within in the reach of many for whom it may have remained only a dream.

NAD products continue to astound. The simplicity and ease of use remains. Digital amplification has been around for a few years. As always there are applications that claim to be a digital, but are not truly digital from A to Z.

NAD electronics has always held the view that they will embrace the 'new' digital technology only when they are certain that it will better their existing older technology designs. Therefore the M2 heralds a completely new approach to digital amplification.

Finally, NAD's AV custom pre-set feature allows the high-end user to set the AV Receivers for optimal performance, whether it is gaming, movies or music. Simply recall your favourite setting at the push of a button!



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